Carpet Cleaning

Curtice Chem-Dry is the low moisture carpet care solution for a deep clean that leaves your carpets cleaner, drier, and healthier.

How often do you clean your carpets? Some homeowners have theirs cleaned once or twice a year. Others dread for the moment and don’t have them cleaned at all. While frequency is important, the quality of your carpet cleaning is what really matters. Proper carpet cleaning should leave your carpet spotless, odor-free, and healthy for your kids and pets. The cleaning method (and solution) should not leave behind any chemical residue that can endanger your family’s health either.

If you find cleaning your carpet a daunting task, let the professionals at Curtice Chem-Dry do the work for you. Our expert technicians are skilled at removing all dirt, stains, and odors from your carpet with unmatched speed and quality.

A freshly cleaned carpet not only looks nice, but it also protects your family from asthma, allergies, and other harmful conditions caused by dust and other dirt harbored in poorly cleaned carpets. In addition, a proper carpet cleaning will remove solid particles that weaken the fibers of your carpet, increasing the overall lifespan of you carpet. Trust Curtice Chem-Dry to do away with the stains and odors that seem permanent and return your carpet to pristine condition.


We use Chem-Dry’s proprietary cleaning solution, The Natural ®. Our carbonating solution leaves your carpet extremely clean by breaking up and whisking away all of the dirt in your carpet. The Natural is green certified and non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your children and pets.

Our solution is highly concentrated, allowing us to use only a very small amount. This works to your advantage since it allows your carpet to dry faster than it would after a traditional steam cleaning. Additionally, our quick drying process will keep mold and mildew from growing back, keeping your family safe and healthy.

Chem-Dry: Your Trusted Carpet Cleaner

If you want to maintain the fresh look of your carpet and a healthy environment for your kids and pets, schedule a deep cleaning from Curtice Chem-Dry today. We utilize a unique approach to carpet cleaning that has been tested and tried with time. Our approach uses the power of carbonation to extract even the smallest bits of dirt and grime from your carpets. Normal cleaning methods just can’t reach all of the toxic substances that cling to your carpet fibers, hence the need for our approach. Our unique cleaning method removes all the unwanted substances that have found a home in your carpet.

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